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Ghost Ninja

Oct. 20th, 2005

08:57 pm - For all you people who I never talk to anymore.

I've not been on AIM much lately. Mostly because... well I'm busy as hell.

Pool is coming along. With the main well point repaired we can now relay all the deck. However its even harder than I expected because we have to fill in dirt that has washed away. With slag. Slag is WASHED OUT CEMENT! Not easy to work with... However it is free. My poor truck. Once that's all layed back out we can redo the deck surface and BAM, fancy new deck.

College is a bitch, what's new right? I've been trying to get to Valencia, but apparently UCF fucked up and said I attended the Community College of KEY WEST! Now to go to UCF and try my best to get this crap worked out and quickly finish up my AA. Today I got to run around and find out Valencia had me as a transient student rather than a Transfer. More joy.

And lastly, I created my own crappy version of a strombolli. Bread came out really fluffy, almost too fluffy. Next time though... Oh it will be good stuff.

Oct. 13th, 2005

10:48 am - Update!

The back yard lookes like it got bombed by an angry German. All thanks to my and my dad's efforts to tear it the Eff up. For those of you who do not know, our pool recently "Floated" or was pushed up out of the ground a little thus cracking the deck and making it uneven. To remedy this issue we have to 1) Rip the deck back (check) 2) Find and repair all busted ass pipes and replace broke ass skimmer piece. (Semi-check) 3) Retile a water level marker and reserface the entire pool. 4) install new well points to drain the ground so 3 can get done. 5) Redo the entire deck by replacing deck pieces and reserfacing the deck so theres no cracks.

Easy right?

Also, I needs the moneys so I've been skiming the Classifieds looking for new and interesting ways to get ignored by potential employers. You'd think calling back some who answers your call for an opening would just be common courtousy, even if said position is filled.

Oct. 1st, 2005

05:36 pm - Journeys are fun!

Back after the trip. I had a good time. Stayed with Steph and her roomies for the duration of the trip to UWF. The roomies were awesome as was Steph and its a shame they're 8 hours away. Sara was busy, and I would guess Greg and I distracted Steph more than we realized, which I'm sorry happened. We experianced Whataburger, Yummy and economical, and the hard to find in this area Hardies and had a Wrenching Gut Bomb or Monster Burger as they call it, for the trip back. It was good food, but they mean monster when they say it. The driving it's self was hard the first time coming up, however it was pretty easy the way back for some reason. Perhaps better nutrition over long drives helps?

I'm pretty cynical, but I usually try to keep a handle on it. However it would figure a pretty nice trip would result in issues when I get home. Once I returned, I found my computer acting up in a bad way. Network connection being funky and flickering. Then it just up and dies. Says the cable is disco'ed. Clearly it isn't so my initial thought is, "OMFG the damn network card fried". Hoping against hope that it wasn't the case, I look for answers in other places. I check the hub, it's plugged in, server is working fine. Get on my laptop... and its disco'ed also. WTF right? Figures my Hub went and kicked the bucket. Yay for sudden networking issues.

Sep. 7th, 2005

10:41 pm - OMFG HAX!!1!

Well, past few days have been different. Been leveling my shaman up (fun but lonely most of the time), Greg is in the hospital, and I REALLY need to find more classical kinda music with violins and orgistrated. Man, I forgot that kinda music sounds great.

To expand on these points, Greg is in the hospital for a kidney stone. He's had it for like a month now, and rather than passing, it actually doubled in size. Yay for blinding pain due to blocked plumbing! Teh Boon and I visited him in the hospital and made him laugh some. Good times I guess. Though he looks like complete shit, no offence when you read this Greg.

In WoW, I decided that Shaman is broke as hell in one on one fights, but in a group they're deligated down to whatever path they speced down. Unfortunately I speced down elemental so I don't have all the tools I need so I'm not exactly as great as I'd like. Also, it would appear all the people that sucked in Alliance quit that side, then made horde characters... A flood of low level idiots appeared tonight and MAN we lost alot.

I've always like violins. There's just something about stringed instruments that just move your soul. Regardless I heard some nice music on an escaflown commercial and reminded me that classical music can rock too. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Preferably with more than one violen playing at a time. Duets for the win baby.

Sep. 3rd, 2005

12:50 am - Space Pirates Strike Again!

Diamalt officially doesn't fucking exsist as far as I care anymore. Apparently its made by a british company who doesn't comprehend what the term "Export" means. Oh well, I found a different recepie for sweet bread and Dough regardless so awesomeness will not be prevented.

Cleaned up my room by removing all my old cloths that I never use anymore. Fill up a heavy duty trash bag with old junk. Never realized a good portion of my closet was filled with pure, unadulterated useless before. Now if I can only get myself to wake up at a more reasonable time in the morning.

Finally got my Shaman on Moonrunner to good enough level to do Battlegrounds. As a person who's played both sides of the field as the unique classes, I have to say so far Horde have it easy in PvP. I have Speed, 2 flavors of slowing effects, nice damage AND I can heal myself. As for a low mana pool? Not low enough to make it anywhere NEAR fair in a fight. Out of around 20-25 or more matches, I have lost 0. Yeah, suck it blue. Red team wins.

Also I went back to my old old clan/guild/linkshell forum from FFXI back when I was a MMO noob to the max. Apparently shortly (about a week ago) before I checked for the first time in like 6 months or more, a few of the old leaders had poped on and posted contact info. Who knows, perhaps I can con some canadians into joining Moonrunner. Can always use more people who don't suck.

Come to think it, I gotta get over to greg's some time maybe and try my hand at the new and improved (Supposedly) City of Heroes. Though the utter shallowness of it all kinda turns me off like a light, the utter shallowness and lack of LOOT BITCHING that is usually related to the existance of loot and the reason I left Eredar also appeals to me at the same time. I'm scared of the posability that I actually like looting drama, but I'm bolstered by the fact that 9 times outa 10 I just don't care anyway.

Aug. 28th, 2005

12:50 am - So pissed I could fold a frisbee and eat it!

So get this...  I get my Great-Grandfather's old baking recepie books, literally handed down the Smith/whatever-my-grandma's-maiden-name-is line for 3 generations, and only one is readable due to him being so German I would wager he could invade France flawlessly if he had to.  Emphesis on the 3 generations part.  Published date on the book in english is 1923, back when furniture was made of REAL man's wood and not partical board and stocks fell sharper than the knives at many investors wrists at the time.  As its so ancient, some of the wording is... odd.  For example, 2 pounds of Milk.  No one really measure milk in pounds so its... unique to deal with.  More annoying even is this one single ingredient for Sweet Bread I cannot find called Diamalt.  It's real, I checked, and it's british or some shit.  Apparently the company that makes it and advertises over the interweb is Diamalt ltd. or something to that extent.  I honestly wish I knew where in the holy hells I can find this shit with out having to special order it from across the pond from my limey friends in britan.  Should anyone have any tips, there's a reward of "You get the first cookie I make with this stuff".

On top of trying to figure out where to find this mystery ingredient the pool in the back yard is still underconstruction.  Now we get to replace some leaking pipes which are located under 5 inches of cement.  We cut the deck into slabs and lifted it up outa the way.  I assure you, its much easier said than done.  Once pipes are right, then we get to attempt a fix on our now tilted pool by either cutting it even or adding wall to it in all the right places to raise the shallow end up.  It truely will be a test of homebrewed engineering I think.  We'll even get to bust out our transit.  Wooberries.

With all this, I haven't had much time to play WoW.  So greg has take the honor of leveling my Druid up to 20 for me from... whatever it used to be.  I think 14 was when he started.  Anyway, I just want to say this.  Alliance on Moonrunner server?  Abso-fucking-lutely retarded.  In ONE attempt to get to VC I had gone through about 10 players just to wind up getting screwed out of the one fucking item drop I cared about... and even then, the ONE competent player there (a warlock greg had befriended) also was screwed out of the staff that went to a PALADIN, died and didn't get the VC head.  So being the nice guy I am, I passed the baton to Greg.  Greg runs it again with him, gets screwed out of the staff AGAIN by another paladin who only rolled because a warrior did (layers upon layers folks), and then wiped at VC.  All in all a total failure.  Mission Summary:  Alliance fucking blows.  New Objective: Fuck up Alliance Players with a new hotness Orc Shaman.

Never before have I hated before based on a Generalization.  But today was a day of learning.  It's almost like the way when you go to Africa you expect to see starving children in mud huts.  Now when I log onto moonrunner I expect to see retarded Alliance players.  Just waiting for the "Safety Helm" to become a GM Forced Equip.  I'm only assuming Horde does not suffer from the same because the old guild made a horde guild here and some of them are 60 already.  Not that I care, but that's another story for another time I think.  In the mean time, Space Pirates Stike Again (which is probably too long a guild name), will have to be Horde side on this server cause there is a drastic deficently of able players on Alliance.

And lastly, whoa apparently Lucas hates both Liberman AND the new pope and has cast them both as villans in his movies.

Current Mood: annoyed

Aug. 21st, 2005

08:58 pm - Nerding all over

This first bit is pretty much all World of Warcraft related. So you've been warned.

I got back into it two days ago. I wanted to get back to the old gang and get some party time in. Be a hero again for lack of a better term. What I instead got, was a lightforge belt and a reminder that WoW's end game is fierce like whoa. I got level 60 and that bankrupted my wallet at that. So I got the quests for the epic mount and BAM, 300 gold and a large assortment of random rare shit needed. I'll be damned if I know where to get 300 gold from any time... ever, so I'm going to either try to raid some or drop my Eredar characters and start something over on Boon's server. I'd rather raid, cause I've done the ride to 60 already and helped at least 4 other people do it also so I want to get myself pimped some as I have a capable guild to work with rather than start all over.

ANYWAY, so WoW aside I got some of my Great German Grandfather's recepies for bread products. I'll be making stuff from over the week and see if I can get most of the noted translated to english. There will be baked goodness and the ruination of Greg's diet plan if I have my way. More on this as time progresses.

Aug. 17th, 2005

12:13 am - No MSG

So apparently the whole "Walken for 2008" was infact a scam.  Now we get to look forward to Hilary Clinton and probably Condalisa Rice for office from the two biggest political parties.  No matter who wins, the big deal will be the fact its a Woman in office.  Perhaps I'm being short sighted, but really...  The fact Hilary Clinton is a contender for pres is one thing.  The fact that whenever this is brought up in the news they always seem to focus on the fact it's some kind of "Broad step forward into women rights history" or some BS.  I don't care if the next president has a vagina or not.  I want one who's competent and realizes that a negative number is not in fact the same as a positive one!  I want to think I'm not being demanding!

I did some rummaging around through some nice little comics and found some interesting news.  I suppose I'm more of a gossiper than I realize, though its probably more because I hate Jack Thompson and everything he stands for.  If you've seen it already, I wouldn't be surprised as I found it on VGCats.  I guess I'll let the article and related links in it stand for its self. 

Also, if you're interested in listening to babble, here's 80+ minutes of a Jack Thompson interview where you get the full feel of how crazy a man can be when allowed to rant for too long.  From the folks at ChatterBox Video Game Radio which I didn't even realize existed until about a week ago.  Honestly if you're not interesting in hearing much or any of it I can't blame you.

In more personal related talk, I took a Test Prep course and went to sign up for the test for the same week only to find out they're booked solid for the next month...  I was needless to say disappointed.  I then bashed my head into the table to make the pain go away.

Also, my entire family is going to take a class to get ourselves certified to carry conceal in about a month.  Woo.  And I love the Bureaucracy that we live under because it's about another 170 bucks to get the license processed, but only about 40 or so to take the class.  2nd amendment not infringed my ass.  I can understand a 40 bucks for the class, but 170 for a licensure?  Last I checked that's still a pretty large chunk of change.

Current Mood: tired

Aug. 14th, 2005

10:42 pm - Too fantastic to be real!

You heard it hear first folks.  Because of the complete crazyness of the idea, I actually have no idea of if this is real or some prank.

Just wow...

Aug. 12th, 2005

09:50 am - Update

Well, to start.  I'll be out of town for the next few days. (August 12-14)  Doing some study classes before I go for the state exam for real estate.  This means I get to spend a few days with the relatives.  Woo, I guess.

I got back in touch with the old World of Warcraft gang, or at least the leader Vidar, to see how things are going.  Apparently they're not some kind of massive unstoppable raid team of unsane.  At least that's what I say about people who farm one of the hardest raids in the game...  Essentially though, there are only 2 are left from the group I left and the rest were replaced by a frothing mob by the looks of things.  New changes for paladins in WoW are making it seem more appealing, or at the least the possiblity of appealing new changes for the one class I actually wanted to be.  So I might actually reactivate that account in about a month... assuming they actually patch paladins with some sort of alacrity. 

In the mean time, Greg and I have been playing the old game Ragnarok Online.  Same basic game play, free non-korean server.  Well, alot has been added to the game.  New classes, new areas, and new monsters.  Usually you have to be level OMG retarded to access anything new and interesting, but whatever.  Some new stuff we got to see, like what Japan would have looked like if it were populated by a horde of japanese demons.  I swear, I walk out and I get pummeled by a Kappa (turtle demon or something) swinging a fishing pole. 

However the best is the "Greatest General".  Basicly this Ebony totem of what appears to be a black general immortalized in all his stereotypical greatness with some wierd writting down his chest.  Now this sucker is rooted to the ground and can't move but has long arms, however not long enough so that you can't kill them with the even longer reach of polearms.  Ah, the oppression.

And here's what Greg and I eventually started to see every time we ran into one of them.

All I want to see now is a higher level one with a pallet swap and some necklaces on.

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